The Antidote2Anxiety Curriculum

For the last 20 years, I have worked helping both adults and children learn skills and techniques to successfully manage their anxiety. I have found that anxiety prevails in creative minds who tend to overthink and tell the same negative story over and over again.

I have developed a tailored curriculum that I teach on either a 1-1 or a small setting group, where we will identify the best toolkit to help you and your child thrive in life without the black cloud of anxiety hanging over them. So why not contact me today to find out more about how I can help you and your child.

Areas of expertise:

·  Anxiety

·  Panic attacks

·  Social anxiety

·  Sleep problems

·  Confidence and Self Esteem

·  Overthinking

·  Bullying

·  Phobias

·  Depression

·  Performance Anxiety

·  Lack of confidence/lack of self esteem

·  Bed wetting

·  Exam Anxiety

·  Migraine

·  Perfectionism

·  Sports performance

·  Anxiety and worries of every day life

·  Emotional problems